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KD-T901 Nucleic Acid Extractor
  • KD-T901 Nucleic Acid Extractor
  • KD-T901 Nucleic Acid Extractor
KD-T901 Nucleic Acid Extractor


Unique extraction mode , easy and high efficiency of batch operation with short extraction time ( 9-18 minutes ).


Precise constant temperature control system and precise design of magnetic beads to assure the high purity extraction.


Extraction process is completed in a closed environment and disinfected aby ultraviolet lamp to avoid pollution.


Friendly-use software and different extraction methods can be set according to the sample type.

Extraction methods:  Automatic magnetic bead

Sample Type:   Whole blood, Serum,Plasma,Throat swab, puncture fluid,etc

Throughput:  48 samples

Large extraction volume range:  20-1000uL sample volume can be extracted

High magnetic beads recovery:  ≥98%

High heating temperature accuracy:  6pcs independent heating modules, customized cracking temperature according to requirements.

Extraction time: 9-18 minutes

Sensitivity:  50-100 copies / mL

Disinfection:  Built-in ultraviolet lamp

CV:  Less than 3%

High sensitivity: A positive sample diluted many times still can extract high-quality nucleic acid virus.

Good repeatability: The same sample was extracted with good repeatability.


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