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Portable Patient Monitor KD-M510
  • Portable Patient Monitor KD-M510
Portable Patient Monitor KD-M510

5-lead ECG, SpO2, NIBP, TEMP, Resp, PR; Li-ion batter

12-Lead ECG, 2-IBPf C.O., EtC02, Multi-gas, BIS, NMT; VGA, Thermal Recorder, Wired/Wireless cmS


*  12.1" TFT LCD, wide and flat design

*   High resolution 800*600 (1024 x 768 optional)

*   Product dimension: 388mm x 289mm x378mm

*  8 waveform display,up to 12-lead ECG analysis

*   Pacemaker detection

*  ST & arrhythmia analysis

*  Powerful calculation(Hemodynamic, Dose, Oxygenation, Ventilation, MEWS)

*   Multi-selectable user screen options

*   Sp02 support PVI and PIf low perfusion 0.2%

*   Built-in rechargeable battery

*   Wired/Wireless cmS, support HL7

*  Sp02 pulse-tone modulation (Pitch Tone)

*   Graphical & tabular trend review( 120 hours)

*   48H full disclosure wave review for each patient (72 Hours optional)

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