• Auto Biochemistry Analyzer KD200
  • Auto Biochemistry Analyzer KD200
Auto Biochemistry Analyzer KD200

•Operation: Random access
•Reading System: Direct reading system

•Method: End point, kinetic, fixed time, bi-chromatic, immunoturbidimetric, 1-2 reagent, etc
•Assay ltem:80/40/40 assay items+5 ISE items (optional)

•Throughput:200 test/hour

•Sample Position:60 Positions, including standard, Q.C. And stat
•Sample Volume: 1ul-100ul, 0.1ul/step; with high-precision dilutor
•Reagent Position:40 positions / 80 positions (optional)

•Reagent Volume:R1:1ul-500ul, 1ul/step; R2:1ul-500ul, 1ul/step

•Reagent Probe: With liquid level sensor to automatically detect the remains in reagent bottles;
•Reaction Time:0 Sec. to 999 seconds

•Cuvette:90 high quality UV-transmitted plexiglass cuvettes, or quartz glass cuvettes on request
•Washing:8 channel automatic washing system for reaction

Alarm:Automatic alarm for malfunction

• Calibration: Linea, non-linear, multi-points, K factor

•Light System: Halogen lamp; automatic post-spectro detection technique

•Wavelength: 340nm-810nm

•Absorbance Resolution: 0.0001A,various calculation methods to meet different requirements
• System Auto-calibration: Automatic zero set,

•Emergency Test: Emergency sample, standard or Q.C. Can be put at any time

•Mixing Function: lndependent mixing needles

•Bar Code: Sample or reagent bar code system on request

•Quality Control: Sample, Q.C. Or standard can be detected at any time.

•Data Processing: More than 200 testing items can be edited , 1 million patient data can be stored
•Report: Multiple printing formats, editable and individual report formats

•Power Supply: 110V  60Hz / 220V 50Hz

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