• Elisa Reader KD600
  • Elisa Reader KD600
Elisa Reader KD600

Reference channel design, 8-channel fiber fast test, automatic center positioning, more accurate measurement
Intelligent light source control to improve light source efficiency and extend lamp life
Convenient touch screen input with optional external mouse and keyboard
Board save and import functions, greatly improving the test efficiency of commonly used projects
Full-screen display of 96-well full-page data for convenient visual layout settings
Multiple test functions on the board. The board can perform 12 different tests at the same time.
Multiple qualitative/quantitative analysis modes for kinetic project testing and data analysis
Printable Chinese comprehensive report, hospital name, patient name and project can be imported into Chinese
With complete quality control function, it automatically saves quality control data and can print a variety of quality control charts.
Optional external Found WordStation enzyme free workstation software, powerful system

Sample parameters: 48/96 standard plate or strip plate
Applicable hole type: flat bottom, U type and V type
Measuring range: 0.000 - 4.000 Abs
Resolution: ±0.001 Abs (display), ±0.0001 Abs (internal)
Accuracy : ≤±0.008A
Repeatability: ≤±0.2%
Stability: ≤0.003A
Channel difference: ≤0.01A
Wavelength range: 330m-1100m
Wavelength configuration: 405, 450, 492, 630nm, can be added with 4 wavelengths
Test method: fast scan, precision scan, dynamics scan
Plate reading speed: single wavelength ≤ 3 seconds / 96 holes
Shock plate function: programmable plate speed and time
Light source type: single light source, tungsten halogen lamp
Display: 320×240 high brightness LCD display
Input method: touch screen, optional mouse, keyboard
Data storage: 200,000 test data, 500 test items
Calculation mode: qualitative mode, quantitative mode, multiple calibration curve equations
Best environment: 5°C--40°C, maximum humidity: 80%
Power supply voltage: 220VAC ± 10%, (50 ± 1) Hz
Volume: 460mm (L) × 350mm (W) × 197mm (H)
Weight: 10.0Kg


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