• Microplate Washer KD610
  • Microplate Washer KD610
Microplate Washer KD610
Microplate Washers  are laboratory instruments designed to control the procedure of washing experimental samples arranged in plate-based formats. Compared to manual alternatives, microplate washers tremendously improve the speed and accuracy of many different washing procedures, and are particularly useful for Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISAs).

*  Large LCD display, menu designed for convenient use

*  Whole plate washing or single strip washing

*  12-way and 8-way manifold included

*  Low residual volume by two pipettes

*  Complete bottom washing

*  Shaking and dipping function

*  Automatic monitoring of vacuum and pressure ,automatic rinse cycle

*  Flat, V-bottom or U-bottom plate and strips washing

*  Large memory to store up to 48 user programmed wash protocols

*  Emergency stop available and liquid warning

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