• 3 Part Hematology Analyzer
  • 3 Part Hematology Analyzer
  • 3 Part Hematology Analyzer
  • 3 Part Hematology Analyzer
  • 3 Part Hematology Analyzer
  • 3 Part Hematology Analyzer
3 Part Hematology Analyzer
★Twenty-three three-category, three color histograms on the same screen.
★detection speed is not less than 60 samples / hour.
★New high-precision micro blood processing technology, using only 9.6 microliters of blood sample.
★enous blood, peripheral blood, pre-dilution three measurement modes and three automatic approval procedures.
★Automatic cleaning function of inner and outer surfaces of suction needle.
★Automatic intelligent diagnosis and maintenance functions.
★Real-time monitoring of high-pressure burning, automatic draining, forward and reverse punching and discharging function.
★Intelligent floating landmarks, support manual adjustment.
★Reagent residue detection and fully enclosed reagent line.
★ Quality control mode: L-J diagram, X-B, SD, CV, X-R quality control mode.
★ Large size true color TFT high brightness LCD display.
★ Full Chinese version of Windows color interface, graphical button operation, support a variety of online fast Chinese input.
★Automatically store all parameters of 12,000 samples and three histograms, and can be combined according to various conditions.
★ Eight sets of reference values can be selected automatically or manually.
★Double-reverse swirling and intelligent fitting technology to ensure reliable platelet counting.
★ Built-in high-speed thermal recorder and a variety of Chinese and English report formats, optional with a variety of external printers, support for bar code scanning.
★ Built-in RS-232, USB interface, convenient information exchange.
★Adjustable sampling needle, available in a variety of blood collection containers
Parameter measurement repeatability tolerance, CV
WBC ≤2.0%
RBC ≤1.9%
HGB ≤1.9%
MCV ≤0.4%
PLT ≤4.0%
★ Cross contamination rate WBC≤2.0%, RBC≤1.0%, HGB≤2.0%, PLT ≤2.0%
Test items
WBC (lymphocyte) Lymph# (lymphocyte) Mid# (intermediate cell)
Gran# (neutrophil) Lymph% (% of lymphocytes) Mid% (% of intermediate cells)
Gran% (% of neutrophils) RBC (red blood cells) HGB (hemoglobin)
HCT (hematocrit) MCV (mean red blood cell volume)
MCH (mean erythrocyte hemoglobin content) MCHC (mean erythrocyte hemoglobin concentration)
RDW-SD (red blood cell distribution width - standard deviation) RDW-CV (red blood cell distribution width - coefficient of variation)
PLT (platelet) MPV (mean platelet volume) PDW (platelet distribution width)
PCT (platelet pressure) P-LCR (large platelet ratio)
WBC Histogram RBC Histogram (Red Cell Histogram)
PLT Histogram (platelet histogram)
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