• Urine Analyzer
  • Urine Analyzer
  • Urine Analyzer
  • Urine Analyzer
  • Urine Analyzer
  • Urine Analyzer
  • Urine Analyzer
  • Urine Analyzer
  • Urine Analyzer
  • Urine Analyzer
Urine Analyzer

1. Each gradient magnitude of each program in each Urinalysis Reagent Strip all can be amended, thus it gives us the true calibration of all tests.

2. The super recognition capability  bears adopts the double light paths to check automatically whether the test strips are positioned correctly in the test strip tray.
3. Display with real-time temperature reading. 

4. The application of clamshell design provides convenience for maintenance. 

5. Automatically collect the used strips. 

1. Cold light source facility. 

2. Includes automatic waste collection system.

3. Baud rate of the serial port communication can be regulated.

4. High throughput: 400 strips/hour.

5. Super display: Large color touch screen display.

6. Large storage: 2,000 test results.

7. Query function: According to date and serial number, users are able to gain a great number of related information.

8. Multiple functions: Serial tests; print data in Chinese; connect with computer; automatic calibration; mark sign ‘*’ if the results go wrong.

9. Measurement Principle: Measuring the reflectivity via the dual-wavelength of the cold light source.

10. Detection Mode: Different wavelengths are applied to analyze the color variations for various purposes.

11. Wavelength: 520nm-760nm.

12. Throughput: Up to 400 samples/hour.

13. Storage: 2,000 samples.

14. External output data: Baud rate of the Serial attached ASCII can be regulated;  uses standardized RS232 interface; can also connect with computer.

15. Power supply: DC 9V 4A  Adopter 9V DC, 4.0A

16. Dimension: 325mm x 280mm x 215mm   Weight: 3.7KG

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