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  • KD800 Computer Assisted Semen Analysis
  • KD800 Computer Assisted Semen Analysis
KD800 Computer Assisted Semen Analysis

●KD800 System save the user time by providing fast and accurate results. 

●KD800 System provide high technology with low cost.

●The software is able to automatically add apropriate comments according to results. 

●The database enables to generate smart and statistical reports.

●The database enable user to backup and restore patient data.

●The software provides burning patient result on CDs

●KD800 System in general is user frendly.

●KD800 is a system desgined to provide objective quantitative analysis of human semen sample following criteria established by World Health Organization (W.H.O.). about motility, concentration and morphology

●System Components: 

*Laptop include KD800 Software   

*Trinocular microscope   

*CCD Camera  

*Color Printer  *Accessories

●Motility and Concentration

KD800 System determine spermatozoa concentration million/ml classify spermatozoa movement parameter into Progressive, Non progressive and Immotile Measure spermatozoa motion parameter: VCL, VAP, VSL, STR, LIN,WOB


KD800 System designed to determine spermatozoa morphological parameters.

KD800 System can automatically calculate TZI, MAI&SDI.

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